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Customized products

Concerning manufacturing, ERNEO has built since 2011 an industrial partnership with french company 2E WINDINGS.

2E WINDINGS is a company specialized in manufacturing of parts of electric motor and whole electric motors.

-  Stack assembly (bonding, welding…)

-  Stator and rotor windings with wires or bars

-  Brush/commutator

-  End-windings forming

-  Impregnating, potting

-  Magnet bonding

-  Machining, grinding

-  Shrinking

-  Etc.

2E WINDINGS in a few words:

-  Over 25 years of expertise in the manufacturing of electric motor for aeronautical applications

-  Manufacturing from prototype to series production

-  EN 9100-2009 certification

-  800 m² production area

-  Sales in France and export

Depending on the dimensions and the quantities required, ERNEO can work with other specialized companies.

ERNEO is able to make tests on developed products through our different test benches. Depending on the need, manufacturing of customized test benches is possible.

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