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ERNEO team is composed of specialists in the following areas:

-  Electromagnetism

-  Electric

-  Mechanics

-  Heat transfer

ERNEO can work at different stage of your project:

Support for specification: within upstream projects, we provide our expertise in terms of electric motors to help our customers define their specifications: identification of key points of design, definition of constraints related to physical limitations, etc.

Feasibility analysis: the purpose of this analysis is to look for technical solutions and achieve pre-design in order to give a view on the feasibility and identify potential technological barriers.

Detailed design: This concerns all the design process of an electric motor to lead to the definition documents. A detailed design may include part or all of the following works:


- Electromagnetic studies:

-- 2D/3D finite element software
-- Performances’ calculation
-- Losses’ calculation: magnets, rotor sleeve, static stator sleeve, additional losses…
-- Transient analysis of phenomena linked to dv/dt

- Thermal analysis:

-- Lumped Node Model 2D finite element software
-- Tool developed in-house for the thermal analysis of cylindrical inrunner motors in normal and degraded modes

- Mechanical analysis:

-- Analytical methods
-- 3D finite element software
-- Shaft, bearings and shrinking calculations

- Simulation of converter with electric machine:

-- Impact assessment of the converter used: Active Rectifier/Inverter, passive rectifier and of the control method used: 6 steps – Vector control
-- Flux weakening studies
-- Degraded mode simulation: redundancy, phase loss, short-circuit…

- Safety and Security analysis:



Following the studies, ERNEO carries out the manufacturing of mock-up, prototypes and series production.

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