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ERNEO is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of electric motors, electric generators and magnetic systems.

ERNEO proposes adaptable standard permanent magnet generators for renewable energy applications.


ERNEO works in many different sectors:

- Aeronautics

- Defense

- Space

- Robotics

- Renewable energy

- Electric mobility

- Industry

- Railway


ERNEO was founded in 2009 by three Ph.D. of electrical engineers, a company arising from scientific research and offering innovative solutions for electric machines. R&D work conducted to date has led the company to apply for several patents. The technologies we are developing meet the specific needs of your applications direct drive, low weight, redundancy, low torque ripple, etc.).

ERNEO maintains continuous R&D effort to be able to respond to the issues of tomorrow's applications.

ERNEO is a company with human values, characterized by its responsiveness and cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary capabilities.

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